Blood Sugar Blues:
Overcoming the Hidden Dangers of Insulin Resistance
by Miryam Ehrlich Williamson

Blood Sugar Blues cover I wrote this book when I discovered the surprising link between eating starches and sugars and a large number of diseases and disorders that plague those of us who eat the typical Western diet.

This discovery grew out of a desperate quest to overcome a massive yeast overgrowth that was threatening me with deafness. (I tell my own story on page 76-77.) In the course of solving the yeast problem (and saving my hearing) I found myself losing excess weight and experiencing increased energy beyond my fondest dreams.

My efforts to discover why this was happening led me to a wealth of medical literature on insulin resistance that is commonly overlooked by those who practice medicine and nutritional counseling.

Between 25% and 75% of us are insulin resistant, depending on whose figures you believe. Insulin resistant people are not necessarily diabetic. Among the problems insulin resistance can cause are obesity, infertility in women, heart disease, high blood pressure -- and yeast overgrowth, which causes a host of other problems.

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Blood Sugar Blueswas published in October, 2001. Its first printing was sold out before the book ever appeared in any store, so great is the hunger for this information among people determined to be healthy. When an international conglomerate bought the book's publisher, they took Blood Sugar Blues out of print.  You can still buy used copies on the web. If you want a new one, I have a few left. Just ask me about it. You might also find it at your public library, or ask for it through Interlibrary Loan  Here's the information the librarian will want:

Miryam Ehrlich Williamson. Blood Sugar Blues, Walker & Co., 2001. ISBN 0-8027-7610-8.

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